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More pictures of Snickers, Jasmine & Bosch


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Jasmine laying in the tunnel


6 Responses to “More pictures of Snickers, Jasmine & Bosch”

  1.   Karma Says:

    They are all so sweet. Bosch is such a good boy. And the little sisters are adorable. Love puppy bellies.

  2.   rica55 Says:

    Sooo precious and cuuuute!!!!!!! I wanna come play with them all!

  3.   fourminipups Says:

    So adorable! They wore themselves out.

  4.   benny55 Says:

    OMD !!! You forgot the cuteness alert! Smiling, smiling, smiling over here!

    They are adorable! And Bosch is so handsome. He realy looks happy Michelle. I think he’s enjoying the company! Puppies help everybody heal a little!

    Now, is that Snicker’s layingon her back? And WHOOOO does that remind you of? Yep! That Sassy loves rollig n ner back! And Jasmine’ just flat out pooped! How cute is that?

    I KNOW these puppies are bringing you so much joy. They don’t give you timeto feel any sadness for vey long…Sassy made sure of that!!

    Thanks for sharng the fjn! I feel like I’ve been on thepkayground with my best friends!!

    Hugs!!! Hugs to all thepack!!

    Sally and Hapoy Hannah


  5.   jerry Says:

    Oh puppy love! Wow those little balls of fur are just making me smile from ear to ear. And I love how Bosch is now the big dawg in the pack. He is now the Recreation Director!

  6.   roxiesmom Says:

    Been looking for puppy pics and these are great – butts, bellies, and pooped-out puppies!! Bosch seems to be looking pretty proud. Thanks for sharing.

    And Sassy’s star is just a phenomenal gift; I’ll always think of her when I look at the sky on a clear night.

    -Liz and Angel Roxie

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