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Hard to believe it was one year ago today that we went to the vet and had x-rays that said possible Osteoscaroma for Sassy.  So not liking that I wanted a second opinion.  Two days later we went for our second opinion and still not sure.  So we decided from there a biopsy was in order and this was our start of our journey.  I know Sassy isn’t here now but it still is informational for people to know.


Have had a few sad days lately and missing her a lot.  So I thought today I would share some pictures of her & Bosch in 2009 playing in the snow

Sassy lift foot snow 12-27-09 Sassy licking dog house with snow 12-27-09 Sassy getting bosch attention 12-27-09 Sassy enjoying snow 12-27-09 Sassy & new hat 12-27-09 Sassy & Bosch snow storm 12-27-09 profile Bosch 12-27-09 Playing tug 12-27-09 Playing stalk 12-27-09 Bosch & Sassy lick snow 12-27-09 12-27-09 Bosch & Sassy playing with tube Bosch getting Sassy's belly Bosch getting Sassy on back 12-27-09 Bosch getting Sassy 12-27-09 Bosch getting rubs 12-27-09 Bosch digging ice on top of slide 12-27-09

6 Responses to “One year ago today 10/10/13”

  1. Christine says:

    LOVE these photos!!
    No wonder you have been having a hard time Michelle. I was the exact same way in September. September 25 is when we found out that Franklin had cancer.. an we took him home just to love him up and just to be a dawg… I should have had the amputation done then and there.. perhaps it would have prevented those mets travelling to his lungs. *sigh*
    But… their legacy will lie on.. in our blogs.. and sharing awesome photos of the past..
    Thanks for sharing these ones.. you can certainly tell that they LOVED the snow!!!!
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  2. benny55 says:

    Oh gosh, lookimg at these wonderful potoss…so bittersweet..Makes you long for what “was” and yet’ so grateful for what “was”!

    Please don’t ever stop blogging avout Sassy. It helps all of us in soooo many different ways.

    I tell you what! Sassy and Bosch are THE most stylish snow dogs in winter wonderland! Bosch is so hadsome and Sassy “Snow” Bear is so pretty!
    It just warms my heart to see the fun they had together. They truly are friends…forever friends.

    Do the actualy use the slide? I love how they were both studying their doghouse as if to say, “Okay, you start digging on one side, I’ll dig on the other, and we’ll have this area cleared in no time!”

    Bosch and is Grandma…..look at the .ove!

    Sassy just loves rollng n ner back!! I always love seeing those back scratching potos because kt’s so Sassy!! Just tnoroughly enjoying life and smilng tne wnole ti me!
    The “side Mig shot” where she just seems t be sniffing the air and enjoying the scents of nature….just enjoying beng…symbolicof her just enjoying beng with yoj all her life! What a lucky girl!

    Michelle, thank you for sharing these today. Thank you for continuing Sassy’s legacy here withus. She is so proud of you, so very, very proud!

    Oh, I have to tellyou something funny! I got a frame and mat for Sassy’s portrait picture. When Iput it all together, I wasn’t 100% satisfied and I was bouncing back and forth about getting another one..

    Soooo, fixing Happy Hannah’s fifteenth “supper” for the day, she gets all wiggly and bumps the table, kocks the photo down and breaks a piece of the frame.

    OKAY! I heared you loud and clear Sassy! You didn’t like it either!! I now know it has to have some red in it…red is your color!! Got your message loud and clear!!

    Lots of love from our hearts to you and Bosch’s hearts! Sassy girl, I think your momma coulduse another dream visit…..or just go ahead and break something in your home you didn’t like…..she’ll feel your presence then!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. rica55 says:

    I love these pictures so so much. I’m so sorry you are having a hard time right now, unfortunately there’s no magic potion to take that away or any secret words of wisdom any of us can give you. Were all just here for you to listen and be a shoulder to cry on.

  4. krun15 says:

    Nice pictures Michelle. I think that first year of ‘firsts’ is extra hard. Anniversary days, holidays…
    But it is part of the journey, and you will be wiser and stronger because you made the journey with Sassy, and now with Angel Sassy by your side.
    We are here to help carry whatever we can, it’s what family does!

    Karen and Spirit Maggie

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah, This week has been rough this day then Monday would be her 11 month ampuversary and the 20th is her 2 month Angelversary. It just seems like October is rough for me right now. But I am getting better like you said its the “firsts”.

      Michelle & Angel Sassy

  5. fourminipups says:

    Hugs to you. Keep remembering her as she will help your heart heal. Red was definitely her color! Wear a red coat on Monday and she will be walking beside you.

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

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