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Just rambling

Well I know I don’t have much to post about Sassy anymore but Bosch (her quadpaw brother) is still here and shining.  We had an exciting week.  Bosch decided this week to start having a little blood dripping from somewhere.  Not knowing where I checked his fistualas  those were still in remission so took a paper towel & wiped his pee pee.  Guess what yep blood.  So we went to the vet Thurs.  This is after starting antibiotics last Saturday for an infection in his foot that he has been trying to get rid of for the past couple of months.  I saw the blood after he threw up.  He didn’t want to eat before taking his antibiotics.   So came home with the diagnosis of prostatitis (problems with the prostrate), a different antibiotic & plan for 8 weeks on antibiotics.  So I guess we will see what is going to happen from here.


I got a memorial tag made for Sassy’s urn and have it put on there.  I just haven’t had time to take pictures but will.  Each day gets a little better.  I know it takes time.  I of course miss her like crazy and am a little lost.  With time though I know I will not be lost.

Bosch & Sassy playing before her amputation



3 Responses to “Just rambling”

  1. Dakota Dawg says:

    It’s ok to feel a bit lost, but I’m glad you’re finding your way. I’d like to see the pictures of the urn with the tag when you have time to photograph it.

    Bosch’s foot still isn’t healed up? I hope the new med knocks out that along with the other problem. I hope he feels better really soon.


    • Michelle says:

      Foot is looking a lot better. Still doing the meds & taping it up so he doesn’t lick at it. Looks 100% better than it did when you were here though.

  2. benny55 says:

    I could look at pictures of those two all day! What is it with Rottweilers! Most dogs play with sticks, but these two are tearing up a rubber hose!

    Michelle, you have a lifetme of memories to share with Sassy and I hope you continue to write about her. Her leagcy cntinues on through you and through this commnity. Now, of course, you do have to post pictures everytime you share a page from Sassy’s story!

    Bosch, now listen up big guy! You can’t be making your mom worry about a sicky pee pee,okay? Eight weeks on antibiotics, ugh! I’m sure you’ve heard this one Bosch…..”Why do boy dogs lick their pee pee?…..Because they can!” Ta …dum! Yeah, you can replace “pee pee” with anymother word that comes to mind!

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures and we always look forward to more!

    Hugs to all,

    Sallh and Happy Hannah

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