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Switching Metronomic Drugs

Well, it wasn’t even quite 2 weeks and Sassy started having more problems.  We went to took urine in to have a urine run to see if any blood.  Dr Boyer called back & said there were a few cells but what was in the normal range.  She wanted to consult with the oncologist & have a bladder tap with ultrasound done.  So right after work Sassy & I flew (drove as fast as we could) to the vet’s office so we could get that done and have a culture on there.

Before we got there Dr Truax (the dr who did Sassy’s amputation) had talked to the Oncologist because Dr Boyer had the afternoon off.  Well, they wanted us to immediately stop the Cyclophosphamide.  I convinced them with the mets to let me do every other day until we got the new drugs.  He was fine with that.  So we won’t have the culture results back until Monday.

Found out that the correct dose for Sassy’s size of Chlorambucil will be 6mg.  So my guessing was right and it will cost $80.00 at Apex pharmacy  for 30 tablets which is higher than the Cyclophosphamide.  that for 30 pills was 56.70.  We got prices at several pharmacies  Diamondback Drugs for 30 pills of 6 mg was 94.50.   So we will probably go with the Apex pharmacy.  Thanks to Jackson’s mom Katy for giving us this information in her post.    We will also still be doing the NSAID (Rimadyl) with it.  We will be monitoring white cell counts a little more close as I was told this one was a little harsher on white blood cells.  So blood will be checked weekly for the first few weeks.  Then every 3-4 weeks like we do now.

Otherwise we are still doing great.  No coughing etc yet.  She feels good.

So hopefully by midweek next week we will be starting our new drug protocol.



Michelle & Sassy   100_1273 - Copy


5 Responses to “Switching Metronomic Drugs”

  1.   fourminipups Says:

    Sassy is looking beautiful – as always! Sounds like you are on top of everything and your vet is willing to work with you. Keep on fighting!

    Luanne and Shooter

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Oh yeah, she’s definitely posing…got that big ole’ head cocked just right to show dazzling eyes and camouflage any “double chins”!

    Sucha pretty girl who doesn’t seemed to have aged on bit on this journey…..always looking like a youngster!!

    Question on the cytoxan—blood work every month for Sassy, right?

    My onco is first having her blood work at end of two weeks….then two weeks later. Every OTHER month after that. What ‘say you’?

    Are they still giving her anything to help with the _bladder” thing?

    You are an amzing mom and an invaluable friend to all of us on this site. Thank you. Most importantly, thank you for beautifying this site with photos ofyour beloved Sassy! She just shows such gentleness…such heart…such joy in every photo!

    Glad you’re making the switch….sounds like good option for Sassy Sugar Bear:-)

    Mich love,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3.   Christine Says:

    so glad to hear that things are going well.. and I am crossing everything I can (plus a few other things thanks to old age and gravity) that everything turns out A-OK. sounds like you have a great vet to work with. :O)

  4.   princess Says:

    So glad Sassy is still feeling good! No coughing is awesome 🙂

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  5.   BarretsMomHeather Says:

    Good luck with the new protocol! Keep on fighting, Sassy 🙂 Your mommy loves you very much!!


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