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Well Sassy had her 3 months on Metronomics.  Everything looks good.  White cell count was a little elevated and we took a closer look with that with a blood smear slide.  Cells looked fine and nothing indicating anything major to worry about that way.  Dr Boyer thinks that it is caused from the mets being there and so it did elevate the white cell counts.  NO  blood in the urine which is good.  Lung still sound CLEAR.  They are all amazed that Sassy is doing so great.  Next Friday is our 7 month ampuversary.  The clinic is just amazed at how well she has adjusted and is continuing to do so well.  So we know we have some great guardian angels that are helping things along.


Just to let everyone know the heat/humidity does slow us down a little but we are still running & chasing squirrels & deer.  🙂   So as long as we are doing all of the above and eating our hamburger, yogurt, & goats milk things are going good.    We are trying to add a few new things in there too.  I got Sassy to actually eat some dog food it was some canned food (Natural Balance grain free stew) mixed in her hamburger but she did eat it.  I feel some what better if I can continue to get her to eat.  🙂


Bosch also had an appointment.  He had a follow up to his blood in his urine.  Good news there no blood in the urine.  We are going to continue with another 5 weeks of antibiotics since he is responding to the treatment.  Dr Boyer feels that it was a prostrate problem.  Which doesn’t seem like good news but to me it is as he has that small cyst on his kidney that could have been causing the problem.  With the responding to the antibiotics just means that wasn’t the case.  Yay.




13 Responses to “June 8th 2013 Follow up vet for Metronomics”

  1. jerry says:


    Oh Michelle this is wonderful news!! That guardian angel of yours is pretty darn powerful, I’m thrilled to hear both pups got an “A+” today. To hear that about Sassy just fills me with joy, how awesome to know that even with mets she is having a GREAT life!!!


    • Michelle says:

      I love the fact that she hasn’t given up and she is having a great life. We are having a great life and every day is a blessing. 🙂

  2. Dakota Dawg says:

    Sassy is the Tripawds ambassador for Hope and Overcoming! She is doing so well that it shows everyone what is possible, and no one should ever say it’s hopeless when their dog or cat gets mets. It may be a bump in the road, but I think how you respond to it means the difference between a pothole and a sinkhole. Does that make any sense?

    And good for Bosch! It’s great that he’s doing well and you don’t have to worry about him.

    Keep on truckin’, Sassy Sugar Bear! Your fan club adores you!


    • Michelle says:

      Most definately. When we first got the diagnosis I thought it was a sinkhole. After talking to you & everyone here and I thought about how Sassy is fighting I realized it was just a pothole that we could over come and will overcome. Yes, I have bad days, Sassy has bad days where the heat gets to her but its not those kind of bad days where we are giving up. Thank you for being part of our fan club.

      Michelle & Sassy

  3. jessk says:

    Yes! Awesome news! So happy that Sassy is feeling good and doing great. 🙂

  4. fourminipups says:

    I am so happy to hear this news. Sassy is one strong tripawd warrior princess and shows us all how it’s done!

    Good news for Bosch too which makes it a double happy dance!

  5. benny55 says:

    OW! OW! OUCH! I just hurt my head because I kept bumping it on my computer! WHY you ask? Because when I saw that PRECIOUS photo of Sassy, I kept trying g to jump through the computer to hug her:-) 🙂 That is just about the sweetest pose in the world! Such an adorable. mug!

    Standing ovation to you, to Sassy and Bosh!! Great news all the way across the board!

    That Sassy is such an inspiration. Love what Dakota Dawg said—-ambassador of Hope and Overcoming_—-exactly! The distinction between pot hole and sink hole was spot on!

    Good for you for skipping the Xrays. Sassy feels good, eat I g good, clearly happy and enjoying life! And there’s no better indicator of how she’s doing! NO BETTER!

    Truly thrilled for you. It is a great day and will continue to be many, many more great days for you and your girl:-)

    Sassy, a girl as sweet as you should have your own personal all goat to make all the milk you need! Soooooo, for such a good progress report…….now, don’t tell your mom………….I’m sending you a dozen goats in the mail!
    Geeez…hope I remembered to put air holes in the box…..

    You are one special girl Sassy Sugar Bear and we are all sooooo proud of you!

    Love, Sally and Happy Hannah

  6. Christine says:

    I am thrilled… ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to read your post about Sassy!!
    I’m so glad whe is doing well!!!

  7. rica55 says:


  8. fetchon3 says:

    Awesome news! For both pups! I know it’s not perfect, but things could be waaaaay different. This is great!
    ~ Katy & Jackson

  9. Bonnie says:

    that is awesome Michelle sounds like both babies are doing good. Sassy and Bosch keep it up

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