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This last week we had some very bad news.  Cadence crossed the rainbow bridge.   This has been very hard for me as we started this journey around the same time.  The diagnosis, joining tripawds & amputation.  Cadence finished her chemo before us.  Just scary.  I know its natural to be upset but honestly this is one that really really bugs the heck out of me because of the timing.   I will always be worried & concerned about everything but with this happening so soon after Cadence finishing chemo it just scares me that the same thing will happen to Sassy.  I was reminded that every dog or cat’s journey is different and that because this happened doesn’t mean it will happen to Sassy.


RIP Cadence.  Run Free at the Rainbow Bridge.  We all miss you.


2 Responses to “One of our dear friends Cadence”

  1. princess says:

    It’s impossible not to compare with others, especially those who start out at a similar time but you are right, every journey is different, both in time and in how the cancer spreads. That’s why it’s so important to live in the moment. You just don’t know what lies ahead.

    I didn’t get active on Tripawds until after Magnum’s death. I’ve cried for every dog who has lost their battle since but there have been some who have hurt more than others, I think because I found myself identifying with their journeys. Cadence was one of those dogs. It especially breaks my heart when the journey is cut so short.

    Keep loving Sassy.

  2. bruiserbruno says:

    Oh I too know how you feel. My Bruno has been gone for two months now and I miss him terribly. And when I met Cadence I immediately bonded with her and had high hopes because she too was an AmericanBulldog. She reminds me of my own, Daphne. Knowing she was approaching the end pained me, however I was able to tell Steve and Michele that Bruno would be there to welcome Cadence and show her the ropes. My heart aches for each loved one lost, but Karen is right in saying that when we get close, some hurt a little more. Love sassy. LIVE each moment. But find comfort that in the end she will romp Around in paradise with all those who went before her. I find solace in knowing that Bruno is playing with Jerry, and Magnum, Dakota, hollybeans, lupe, and the countless others who made the courageous journey before him. We wish you many many more happy days ahead. Keep your spirits up. Best wishes. We are always with you.
    Maricela and Spirit Bruno

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