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Hard to believe how time flies and that Sassy is celebrating her 3 month ampuversary.   I am so amazed everyday how well she is doing.  How well she is getting a long with 3 legs.   Our vet is totally amazed and they want to feature her on their facebook page with pictures and her story of her amputation & chemo.  They asked it that would be ok to do and I said yes.  I haven’t wanted to post pictures on my facebook page as this to me is important and I do not want people on there to make rude comments.  I am getting closer to making that post.  Maybe after the next chemo and things go ok.  It just its our battle and people know but I dont want to have to defend my actions or why I chose to do what I have done.  This if a fight for my baby and she is important.  I will do anything to protect her and myself from those kinds of people.

3 Responses to “Feb 14th,2013 Happy 3 month ampuversary”

  1. princess says:

    Congrats on 3 months! That’s aweseome.
    I understand the Facebook thing. I have my Facebook friends categorised as Dog Friends and NOT dog friends and only post the dog stuff to “Dog Friends”. I don’t think my friends would post anything rude but I know that some of them just wouldn’t get it and would shake their heads in private at me so I choose only to share with those I know will understand.

  2. bruiserbruno says:

    I can totally understand. I value my anonymity and before Tripawds had never put anything out in the virtual, cyber world. I read blogs and visited the discussion forums for weeks without interjecting because I wanted to see what it was all about first. Now, I semi pour my heart out. I agree that our journey is a very personal emotional one, in which the decisions we make are hard enough. But I feel that Tripawds is the perfect place where people come without judgement and with only support, love, and advice to share accounts of their individual journey. All other Internet sources and site, I’m not so sure about. Good luck posting your story. I hope you both get nothing but love and best wishes in return.
    Maricela and Spirit Bruno

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