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Wow, Where in the world do I start.   I just have no words it was beyond amazing.  The beginning of the journey to the party of the century.  Friday I left and flew to Atlanta then boarded the plane to Richmond where I was to meet Paula, Linda & Lisa.  Well found out Paula & Linda were delayed.  Got into Richmond and met Lisa we hit it off  and chatted while we drove to the house where we met Sam (Mikey’s mom).  Amazing Lady just like we had known each other forever.

We went and got Paula & Linda and headed back.  Jet lag and being tired from no sleep and up early left me exhausted so I missed the pre-party at Sally’s where there was a huge surprise for all of us.  Jim, Rene & Wyatt Ray showed up.  Yes, after saying they couldn’t make it they sure pulled a fast one on all of us.  But we don’t mind.  We loved every minute of them being with us.  Later that night Alison, Tina, Clare & Karma (and her furbabies Aissa, Addy & Maggie May joined us.)

Saturday morning came and we just lounged around and had breakfast.  The it was time for the party of the century.  It was so amazing.  Very emotional.  Ok, yes I was a basket case and cried a lot the whole weekend.   Just no words for why or not but I guess just feeling the love and missing my girl.  But I got to meet Sally Yes the SALLY the major cheerleader of the forums.  It was epic.   The party was beyond all imaginable.  Both days of it.  The hardest part of the whole weekend was the until we see each other again.  (I never say good bye it’s too final).  I know I will see these great people again.  I met friends for a lifetime even across the world.  Tina & Clare it was a joy to meet both of you.  I wish we all could have spent a lot more time but we will see each other again.

Once the party was over I continued on to Kure Beach with Karma and the girls and then onto her house until Saturday.  Where I once again had to say until we see each other again.  And more tears LOL.  ( I kept saying I was such a sap) .  I know I said the only thing that would have made it better was if Sassy was there but she was.  Just like our other Angels and babies who couldn’t be with us because of traveling so far away.

So I will post a few pictures here as I posted a lot in the forum so please see this forum     for a lot of pictures by everyone.

Alison, Clare, Linda & Sam

Alison, Sam, Me & Clare


Jim, Rene & Wyatt Ray

The house we stayed at with Aissa on the steps

Tribute Table


Sally & I


Kure Beach, North Carolina  (dog friendly beach)

First time at the Ocean

Sunrise at the beach


Clouds on the way home.  With a rainbow





Addy our navigaor


Atlanta aquarium.   This place was awesome

Beluga whales


Had an awesome time party and all.



16 Responses to “VA Tripawd Party 2017 and Beyond”

  1. izzysmomma says:

    It was so great to meet everyone! Glad Izzy and I made it but our visit was far too short … hope to see you next time 😉

    • Michelle says:

      Glad I got to meet you and Izzy. She looks great and I was glad to hear that nasty tumor was shrinking. I hope it continues to do that. Keep fighting Ms Izzy.

  2. mysweetted says:

    oh Michelle…. It was sooooo very special to meet you. YOU were my first chat room contact when I finally researched and reached out during my desperate time last August when I had finally made the decision to amputate My Sweet Ted’s cancerous limb. I was so scared and so torn and soooo….well you know. I am so thankful for your support and having gone through this journey now I know what “heart dog” means…and I don’t feel guilty claiming Ted as my heart dog – and I honestly hope that my little Joe or another claims that title because it will mean that I have LIVED! Sorry for the sidebar…ANYWAY. I have enjoyed seeing your posts and honestly it has given me joy to see that you have also been getting joy during your travels. You are a treasure and I thank you for being so supportive of me and many, many others during our journey.

    • Michelle says:

      It was great meeting you Wanda. You baby Joe is so cute. I am so glad I got to come and enjoy this weekend.

  3. dobemom says:

    Totally the best weekend ever! And it went by way too fast! And we had so much fun, especially the night we played Cards Against Humanity. It really was like we’d known each other forever, family more than mere friends. And like you said, it wasn’t goodbye, it’s until we meet again.

    Paula and Nitro

  4. linda8115 says:

    Oh Michelle! You truly described the weekend! It was magical and filled with surprises! It’s so hard to describe the instant connection you feel as you meet these wonderful souls. I now feel like I’ve got friends from literally all over the world! The tribute table with the pictures with the tribute leash flying so gently above it ….well let’s just say you could feel the love emanating from it. I guess that’s what this weekend meant to me. To be in a place radiating so much love is truly wondrous! I echo it’s not goodbye it truly is until we meet again. Because we will!
    Love you all!
    Linda & Spirit Mighty Max

    • Michelle says:

      🙂 loved seeing you again Linda. You are right so hard to find the words to fit the weekend.

  5. mom2shelby says:

    Truly the best trip – EVER! Epic … lifetime experience … pure joy and pure peace and love!!! I was so happy to finally meet everyone and it was like we had all met before. But I guess we have ‘online”… this community! Unlike any other!!! Thank you for sharing your photos and your amazing love and joy that radiates far and wide! You are one of a kind special and I am so happy to have finally met you! 🙂

    Love and hugs!
    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little Jasper too who made mostly good choices).

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Alison. I loved meeting you & JL. One of the highlights of my weekend was the ride to lunch on Monday. I got to experience a little “LA” driving and a very cheeky ride 🙂

  6. benny55 says:

    Such great onotos Michelle!!! You ARE a GREAT photographer!!

    And thanks for helping us relived every single precious moment through your pictures and your words.

    Seeing you sooo happy in your beautiful pink Sassy shirt standing in the Atla tic ocean nas me grinning ear to ear!!

    You are sooooo loved my dear! And as Wanda said, you jave been especially vital to people who go to the chat room and find such kind and loving reassurance from you! 🙂 Being there fornothers in that format takes a special level of compassion.

    Lpve to you and to everyone!!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Sally it was great to meet you and the connection was even more in person than it has been on the phone. I love you my friend. xoxxxo

  7. midnighter94 says:

    I’m so glad that we got to see you again! Even though we weren’t able to bring Murphy with us this time 🙁 The whole weekend was so totally worth the jet-lag!

    Hugs to you!

    • Michelle says:

      It was great seeing you and Glenn. I know it would have been way too hard on him but I am so glad you got to come it made it even more special.

  8. tinsch says:

    Michelle! It was an honor to meet you and by no means was this the last time we all saw each other!! And I am with Paula, I want more nights of playing silly, fun games with you all, more emotional times with you (and no, it wasn’t just you, AT ALL) and more support from this amazing group of my friends. This is what all of you guys are now, whether you want to or not 🙂
    So, as last time: so long, my friend, until we meet again!

    • Michelle says:

      I want more of that too but wait you are more than a friend you are family whether you want to be or not 😉 I love you guys and had a blast. Can’t wait to see you again

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