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August 20, 2015 Two years as an Angel

My sweet Sassy Sugar Bear, I can’t believe 2 years ago I said til we see you again.  It seems impossible.  It actually seems some days as yesterday.  Yes, the grief has lessened it still hurt probably always will but I know you sent Snickers to help with that pain.  It doesn’t mean I love you any less in fact some days I couldn’t love you more.  I know over the past 2 years that many of our friends have left this world and are up on the bridge with you.  I hope you showed them the ropes.  ( I know you probably did that was the kind of dog you were).  My love & my heart.

Sassy, I know you have been watching over us.  I keep finding the pennies & dimes you are leaving.  I know you are here.  Some days I need you more as I wish you were still here to hug and snuggle with.  Please keep a good watch over Grace and Gabe.






Brendol also crossed the Bridge the same day that Sassy did.  I am always thinking of Karma and her loss of Brendol when I remember Sassy.



One thing I know without Tripawds and our family Sassy and I wouldn’t have made it through our journey and I still wouldn’t be here to help others in my girl’s memory.  Whatever you do and where ever you are in your journey remember there are people here to help you.  It may be discouraging and disheartening if you just get the diagnosis of cancer, or your baby loses their leg to an accident we are here for you and there are others who have done this journey too



Michelle & Angel Sassy


5 Responses to “August 20, 2015 Two years as an Angel”

  1.   mom2shelby Says:


    your soul is just as kind and loving as your beloved Sassy!!! I am sure she welcomed Shelby w/open arms … her eyes just glowed with love and affection! You could tell that she was a tender and loving pup!!!

    We are so grateful you are still here … you give so much support and strength to those going through this journey. I cannot believe 2 years have passed. Your pain was still very raw when I started my journey and I will never forget the time, the compassion and the hope you gave to us! You are so special! Thank you and lots of love and hugs to sweet Sassy!!!

  2.   ohmynixon Says:

    Michelle, I cried watching your video. Sassy just is beautiful and her face screams kiss me. Waiting at the bridge for you, I’m sure she’s helping everyone she can adjust to life without their human. Your heart still aches for just one more hug, one more snuggle.

    Whoever said “time heals all wounds” must have never been loved by a dog! Time only dulls the daily pain and we learn to live with it. I have always thought that writing is one of the best ways deal with grief and remember our loved ones – human, equine, canine, feline, etc that are no longer present in our daily lives. Keep blogging and celebrating her life. *hugs*

  3.   jerry Says:

    Michelle that is soooo beautiful.

    Two years seems unbelieveable to you and to us. We feel like your time with Sassy here was just yesterday, her spirit is still so strong within all of us, and it always will be. The many people you’ve helped since Sassy earned her wings has caused beautiful ripples in the world, spreading her happy nature and love everywhere. You have done so much good in these two years, all while mending your own heart. And thinking of Brendol at a time like this too. Wow, you are amazing. Thank you thank you.

    I love the tribute video! Great song, it really speaks to where you are at in this journey.


  4.   benny55 Says:

    Okay…okay…you really did it this time! Sitting here crying…not talking just a tear or two..CRYING!!

    Michelle, this just took my breath away. From your heartfelt words about your love for Sassy and how very, very much you miss her, to the beautiful treasured photos…you paid tribute to Sassy masterfully!! And that poem….ohhhh myyyy. So true.

    You put so much care, so much heart, so much love into this glorious celebration of a life well lived and wel loved.

    And there were even several “first time ever seen” photos! Such a treat!

    The picture of Brendol is a smile maker, that’s for sure! Yes, Sassy and Brendol headed to the Bridge together. They left us with two compassionate Souls to help others on this journey.

    I don’t know if this feels right or not, but this would be something you may want tonpost over at Alumni…or Coping…maybe? The reason I say that is the blogs go up and down so quickly and there are so many who knew Sassy who may miss this. I know she, and you, have sooo many supporters and they would want to join in on this lpvely tribute.

    Michelle, dear sweet Michelle, ya’ done done good kid!! You did a splendid job of expressing your feelings in a way we can all relate.


    Thank you Michelle. That you for sharing this beautiful girl with us for two years now. We’re all better off as a result of your gift!

    Love you dear friend

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5.   squirtsmama Says:

    She will always be apart of you and your soul. Like ‘The Lion King’ film ‘ you only need to look at your reflection to see your loved one, for she is part of you, that will be, FOREVER!
    Sending bigs hugs your way from the entire Barenhaus gang and slobbery kiss from Squirt.
    ❤️ Janine

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