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Well, I know I didn’t post on Sassy’s Angelversary.  I didn’t want to take from people who needed support.  I know tomorrow my girl will be traveling with me as I take Snickers & Jazz to K-state to have surgery.  They will be having gastropexies done (the stomach tacked to their sides to help prevent bloat) and also their spays done.

A little nervous right now as I haven’t ever met the surgeon who will be doing the surgeries.  I am sure they are great.  I am planning on getting up at 4 am letting the girls out to run & potty before we leave on our 3 hour journey.

So since the last time I wrote the girls turned 19 months & it was Sassy’s 19 month Angelversary.  Time has flown.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  Some days it feels like she was just here and other days feels like forever.

So our Guardian Angel will be there to protect us on our trip and watch over the girls on their surgeries.

Happy 19th month Angelversary Sassy Sugar Bear.





Happy 19th month birthday  Snickers (on left & Jazz on right)DSC_0245

5 Responses to “Tomorrow Trip to K-state”

  1. benny55 says:

    And don’t think for one moment we didn’t notice you NOT posting young lady!! We ALWAYS look forward to her blog and to catching up

    And “take away from people who need support” ????? R U kidding me? Everytime you are in nere, everytime we see Sassy’s avatar, you ADD…not take away!! Okay?? OKAY!!!!!!!

    Loving these pictures…loving them!! And seeing Bosch and Sassy lazing around as the grass is starting to green and buds are coming out on the shrubs. Happy pups…very happy pups.

    And Snickers and Jazz are really starting to develop their own individual looks. For months it was hard to see the differences in the photos, but now they are really shpwing their own uniqueness….their good looking and very cute uniqueness!!

    Yep, sweet Sassy Sugar Bear will be with you on this trip, but mighty glad she’s not having fo be operated on like the puls!! Being an Angel does have its advantages!!

    19 months an Angel for Sassy …and 19 months in their earth clothes for Snickers and Jazz. Well planned out by Miss Sassy!

    Keep us posted…be safe..lots of pictures…enjoy the tranquility of being with your dogs!

    Sending lots of love…and thanks for the post!!!!!!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. Amy Angel says:

    You will have THEE best guardian angel watching over you and your pack. Best of luck to you and your sweeties. I know they’ll be in good hands.and do well. Please keep us posted.
    Love and hugs.y friend.
    Amy & Spirit Libby

  3. jerry says:

    You bet Sassy will be there! Sweet angel, she’ll always be there to watch over her pack.

    We’re thinking of you all, let us know how it goes.

  4. Codie Rae says:

    Aww, Michelle. Ditto what Sally said about your not posting on Sassy’s angelversary. My goodness! You have given so much to this community, what makes you think you don’t deserve a little support yourself now and then? We all do!

    As for Snickers’ and Jazz’ surgeries … nothing to worry about, just be more dog ;). 1. Teaching hospitals are awesome–we have had nothing but great experiences at UC Davis here in California. 2. You are taking proactive steps for the ongoing health of your girls. 3. You can’t predict what will happen tomorrow so don’t spend another moment trying! 4. And Sassy will be there making sure nothing happens to your girls. So all will be well!

    Are the gastropexies going to be laproscopic? We have had the whole OP tacked. Smokey was done before laproscopic was really out there as an option. Travis was an emergency torsion surgery. And Codie Rae and Austin were laproscopic and it was awesome. Especially for tripawds. The recovery was so much quicker for them compared to Travis. Not so much an issue for 4-legged dogs though which type of surgery it is.

    Anyway, the bottom line is NONE of the OP had any serious complications from either type of surgery. One part of Travis’ incision took longer to heal but that was directly related to him being a rear-leg amp, which put more stress on the incision at that one point. But it eventually healed up just fine.

    Rene said something in your forum post–are you having ovariectomies done on the girls? I too would love to know more about how that works when you have time.

    xoxox and sending our 3 x 3 tripawd strength to you and Jazz, and Snickers.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, Laproscopically done. They will be having ovariectomies done at the same time. I will see if I can get some more information when I am down there. The way Dr Boyer explained it to me they just take the ovaries and then leave the uterus. The main thing about this type of surgery they can NEVER have any kind of medicine with estrogen in it otherwise it will make them have a “heat” again. I have my notebook to write all kinds of things down so I will try to write something up. 🙂

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