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Missing you Sassy

I know I didn’t post yesterday.  I should have.. I knew what day it was..17 months way to long without you.

It just seems like we have more & more babies that join this site.  I sure wish that we would find a cure for cancer.  How many of our friends have to go through this and miss their babies?  It doesn’t seem fair to them.  I know that you taught me many lessons in this journey some days I have to remind myself that you never gave up and to keep going when things around here (at home) suck.  These days it seems like all time that happens.  Moments like that Sassy I just curl up in a ball on our bed with your blanket and just hug it wishing you were there with me.  I look at you smiling face every day above my computer seeing you there gets me through the day.

I still wear you necklaces every single day.  They mean everything to me.


I am going to post the link to the beginning of our blog.  I hope if you haven’t had a chance to meet my girl you do read it.




6 Responses to “Missing you Sassy”

  1. Christine says:

    hugs girlfriend…

    part of me actually feels guilty in a way because I don’t miss my “other” previous puppers as much as I miss Franklin… it’s not that I loved them any less.. and it is not that I won’t hug them tight in my arms and cover their face with kisses when the time comes.. but Franklin made the most impact on me I think…

    Christine.. with Franklin in her heart♥

  2. mom2shelby says:

    HUGS!!!! I know it’s hard … I’ve had a couple of really bad days and I really wish I had my velvet eared girl to snuggle with….I wear Shelby’s necklace daily …. even when it doesn’t match my outfit (I tuck in under my shirt). I go manic if I do NOT have it on.

    Sassy guides you so well and she sends you so much love and support all the time. We are so grateful your wisdom is still with us…

    alison with the spirit of shelby fur-ever in her heart (and little jasper)

  3. Lily's Mom says:

    Hugs from me too. I can completely relate to curling up around Sassy’s blanket as I do it with Lily’s and I still won’t let my husband wash it. I kiss her picture every morning and evening.

    Christine, I hear you…I have lost several beloved four-legged family members in the past and I have caught myself thinking, and saying out loud that Lily is different and the loss of her has been by far the most devastating. I feel guilty for thinking that as I still love and miss the others…..but Lily and I were always connected in a special way that was even more firmly cemented during our cancer-tripawd journey. My Standard Poodle, Elliott, is 14.5 years-old and, when I lose him, there will be some peace in knowing that he got to grow old and has struggled with the problems of old age for several years. I don’t have that peace with Lily.

    Kerry – missing Lily every day

  4. benny55 says:

    Yes…..”Sassy guides you so well”….nicely stated Alison.

    And the lessons Sassy taught you, and continues to teach you, will ALWAYS give you the strength to carry on. And she made sure she surrounded you with good friends here to help you get through tough times! No, we aren’t there to snuggle under the covers, but we are just a phone call or email away!

    This disease is a brutal horror show and it seems like there’s no stopping it sometimes. I think I read that there really haven’t been any real advances in extension of life in the last fifteen years…..Im thinking probavly just better record keeping.

    But we all have to be like SASSY….never give up and keep fighting the good fight! She is such a good role model for us all!! We love you both so much!!!! I hope you feel our love because it sure is there!!

    And remember…..buzzards are your friend too!!!!! 🙂

    LOVE you dear friend!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  5. 4myty says:

    Oh Sassy, you gave me my smile for the day. I really needed it too. Your Mom saying she would threaten a bath to get you to get up and move. Made me chuckle. I have Ty’s necklaces hanging from my rear view mirror in my car. We spent so much of our last days together riding back and forth to the vet, it just seemed like the place to have them. I think that we form a special bond when we are caregivers for our pups. That is a lesson we can all say that we gained form this piece of crap disease as Sally calls it, total unselfish giving of ourselves. Our dogs spend their whole lives doing just that, unselfishness just wanting to please us. I am thankful more than you all know for the friendships I have formed on here. As for the blanket, yep I have one too. Hugs to you, Lori, Ty and gang

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