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Well, I know I am a couple of days late writing this but was at the surgery center with Sassy’s gma (my mom) while she had surgery on her hand & arm.  The 14th would have been 14 months since Sassy’s ampuversary.   I thought about her a lot that day.   I know this isn’t very long but had she still been here we would have had a party for her.  So Snickers, Bosch & Jasmine all got a few treats that day in her honor.  Love you up in heaven Sassy.



3 Responses to “January 14,2013 14th month ampuversary for Sassy”

  1. benny55 says:

    Now that has SWEEEEEEEETNESS written all over that face…..mixed in with a whole lot of gentleness a d kindness! REALLY, you can just SEE it!

    I know you miss her so much. We do to Michelle. But I LOVE every single time I see a post avout jer and I am sooooooo glad you continue to do that! Don’t ever stop, okay?

    It is sooooo important to continue to celebrate that exceptional soul who means so much to us…to everyone on this journey.

    This site would not be what it is today without you two. Every single time you post, Sassy girl is still reaching out touching lives…..still making a difference! Isincerely applaud you, and so many others, who continue to share your gift of knowledge, compassion, love and support in honore of our beloved, BELOVED, heros who have crossed over…..but are still keeping one big paw here on our hearts.:-) 🙂

    Sassy Sugar Bear…HAPPY AMPUVERSARY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Happy Hannah knows she gets extra treats anyti e we celebrate Sassy! It’s because of the way you celebrate with Sassy that Happy Hannah gets steaks! It’s because of Sassy that I dress her up for stuff and take pictures! That part, she’s not thrilled about at all!

    Okay, gonna’ go kiss Sassy’s portrait picture for her ampuversary!! That is still THE most wonderful expression of exactly who Sassy is!! Her joy just jumps out of every stroke that fne artist did!

    Much love to you Michelle and to all the pups! And, oh my goodness, give your mom a hug too! ‘Hope she’s doing better! She has to be a good soul to jave raised such a fine daughter!

    Love and hugs,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry says:

    Awwww. Well I know the Tripawds in heaven all had a celebration for Sassy! Can you see the pawty that went on? WOW!


    I hope your Mom is recovering and feeling better.

  3. salembynxmommy says:

    Awwww what a pretty pretty puppy she was. <3 Like the others I believe they all had a huge celebration for her!!! What a great party!

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