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Christmas Day

Well, I can say I made it through the day but barely.  It was a long day and I really missed Sassy (and there were tears that I shed).  The day was just not the same but I did promise some pictures of Bosch, Snickers & Jazz.  For good measure I will throw some in of my niece Grace & nephew Gabe.  🙂  They aren’t spoiled at all any of them but first I want to include my favorite of Sassy just for good measure (I know its a repeat).  sassy bear rug 12-24-09

7 Responses to “Christmas Day”

  1. benny55 says:

    Awwww Sassy Sugarbear, you are so beautiful. We miss you. We really do. So I know it mist be close to unbearavle for your mom sometimes. Thank goodness she has so many wonderful pictures of you to always bring a smile to our hearts. We don’t even mind duplcates because it’s you! And we love you!

    I know you tried to make double sure your mom would have a good Christmas by sending her “double trouble”! You did good Sassy! And Bosch even seems to get along well with them.

    Michelle! Where do you “shop” fr their clothes? OMD! That Rudolph deer outfit…ADORABLE!! Bosch wears it well! He seems to tolerate the clothes very welll!

    Now, is Jazz in a smaller version of the reindeer? I couldn’t tell. Snickers looks good in red just like her Auntie Sassy!

    Has Snickers started to outgrow Jazz these last few weeks, or is it just the camera angle?

    Gabe and Grace are adorable too! I love the look on Grace’s face as she’s opening your present. So sweet!

    I know this “season” is so rough, but I’m really glad you posted these pics roday. You can’t help but smile.

    Now, can all the dogs have their “own chew” and not go after each other’s chew…or adter eachother?? No arguments?

    Keep hanging in there Michelle. We love you!

    And remember, Sassy’s star light is always shining on you and protecting you.

    Surrou ding you with Sassy’s grace,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • Michelle says:

      Actually Jazz was the runt and has caught up & probably passed Snickers. Snickers was the reindeer and Jazz was Mrs Clause or in the dress. We shop at Petsmart but have to find a place to get bigger clothes these 2 are already in an x-large. Bosch has always liked having clothes on.

      • Michelle says:

        Oh forgot to add haven’t had any problems with the girls & bones. Now Bosch has always (even when Sassy was here) growled when he thought someone got too close.

  2. Karma says:

    Beautiful Sassy. I hadn’t seen that picture. Thanks for being there for me and hugs back at you.

  3. jerry says:

    Who cares if the pics are repeats, we LOVE seeing Sassy. And seeing her pics there among the new ones of the pups just goes to show that she is still there in spirit.

    Hugs and hugs to you Michelle, we’re thinking of you.

  4. fourminipups says:

    Thinking of you. I wish we could all share a happier memory this year, but it wasn’t to be. I always love to see Sassy’s happy smile. Who can’t smile back at that?

    The rest of your family looks great and how wonderful to be surrounded by them.

    Take care-
    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  5. salembynxmommy says:

    I just love seeing these pictures!!!! Just like you told me, its ok to keep posting pics even if we have seen them 100 times, its our loves!!!! I think its wonderful you have such great pics of Sassy 🙂

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