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One week today

My dearest Sassy

I miss you.  It has been one week today since you crossed the bridge.  I know it takes time to heal and this really really sucks.  I know I did the right thing for you even though for me its tough.  I just had to say I missed you and think about you everyday.






8 Responses to “One week today”

  1. micaroxy says:

    <3 Love to you, Bosch and to Sassy across the bridge.

  2. fourminipups says:

    Hugs to you. Sassy is watching over you.

  3. benny55 says:

    And please know we miss her too.

    Seeing you here posting and seeng Sassy’s avatar feels so “normal”….so “right”…..and it must be soooo hard for you. And maybe comforting too because you are with people who care deeply about you and deeply about Sassy.

    Everytime I see Sassy’s banner come across the top of the page it gives instant happy memories…comingled with sadness too….but looking at that portrait especialy takes ya’ right back to smiles on tne heart!

    You and Sassy mean so much to us. You both have left big ole’ pawprints on our soul, that’s for sure.

    Sassy will NEVER be forgotten! She’s in our thoughts every day. You gave her more love and fun and joy than any million dogs ever receive in a lifetime! And, of course, you gave her the ultimate gift when she needed you to be there for her the most. She IS pain free and vibrant and healthy now. She will let you k ow all is well. Your grief is just too heavy for her ow to get through toyou…..but she will!

    Love you Michelle, Love you Sassy, Love you Bosch,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. benny55 says:

    That’s one of my favorite pictures by the way! They are such a stunning pair of dogs! Double the beauty!

  5. Dakota Dawg says:

    Oh Michelle, my heart breaks for you. I wish I could take it away. But if I did, it would mean you wouldn’t feel the depth of love for Sassy that you do, and that wouldn’t be right.

    When we add a dog or cat (or maybe a lizard or turtle or horse…) to our lives, we are almost announcing “Here’s my heart! Come and break it!” But I think it’s worth it. As hard as it is, I think it’s worth it. Oddly, they make us more human. They certainly make us more humane.

    Love to you,


  6. anjl says:

    I have been dreading sending my condolences. I know it’s wrong . Somehow, typing them makes her passing true.
    I know from everything that I have read and seen that you love Sassy so very much. I also know that she was so very worth all of the missing that you are feeling now.
    Heart healing wishes to you! So sorry for your loss!

  7. jerry says:

    Michelle, you have all the Tripawd love in the entire universe being sent your way to help your heart heal. These “firsts” just suck, I’m so sorry.


  8. Christine says:

    Michelle… I hope you keep up Sassy’s blog.. and share pictures of those two beautiful faces!! ok.. a beautiful one and a handsome one!! (sorry Bosch!)
    The first’s do suck… big time..
    don’t forget to smile through the tears too!! You have so much love and memories to remember.. Cancer cannot erase those!

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