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One special picture with Barney

I know a lot of people wont believe this but I totally do.  I do know there are some pretty special things with Barney.  The day after we got him I decided since Sassy was kinda sleeping I would try to take some pictures with Barney & her.  Well, I caught this glow right on Sassy’s head.  I believe its a guardian angel or maybe a spirit that came with Barney (whatever the cause maybe it doesn’t really matter).  I caught something on my picture.  I do not believe its dust (my brother has said that to me).  Its too perfect, too round and a glow to it and there was nothing on the following picture which was taken right away after this one.  So believe what you may but I know 🙂






10 Responses to “One special picture with Barney”

  1.   killbarney Says:

    🙂 Beautiful. Good Barney juju goes a long way!

  2.   princess Says:

    I’m with you Michelle. That’s a special photo.

    •   Michelle Says:

      Yes it is. I have showed it so some of my friends who said “that gave me chills” when I didn’t even say anything about what I thought.

  3.   benny55 Says:

    Oh yeah that’s the real deal alright. That picture says it all and peaks volumes! Thanks for sharing.
    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Barney indeed brings lots of things with him in his box of fun: stink, green clouds, mischief, nonsense, guardian angels…

    You don’t have to convince us. We’re believers! But Sassy: Please eat him up!


  5.   fetchon3 Says:

    Let’s hope so! Special Sassy.

  6.   victoriana2pie Says:

    Definitely, a guardian angel.

  7.   jerry Says:

    I’m with you on that, you’ve got a special protector Sassy.

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