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The Tripawds Tradition The Flying Dutchman

Shari, DakotaDawg’s mom told me that I had to let Sassy have the Flying Dutchman which is a Tripawd Tradition and that I had to show that Sassy is still doing good because a “sick” dog wouldn’t & couldn’t eat one of these.  So here goes.  This is Sassy’s Flying Dutchman that she had last night and ate every bite of it.  Now you have to understand for a Rottie she doesn’t gobble her food she is kind of dainty as Rene, Spirit Jerry & Wyatt Ray Dawg’s mom, said.  So we had to break it into 1/2 then a few pieces off.  I would have had to do this even if Sassy didn’t have lung mets.  She seems to be doing pretty well today.  We are just enjoying going for rides.  I might even go get her DQ tonight just as a fun treat.

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  1.   princess Says:

    Enjoying the simple pleasures can be very rewarding. So Sassy is a dainty eater? That is unusual for a rottie. Magnum was anything but dainty. Sassy has clearly learned that eating slowly lets her enjoy it for longer. Smarter dog!

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