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Day 4 November 17,2012

Sassy walked to the kennel today.  She wanted to play but wouldn’t let her.  She kinda jumped at my sister in law’s Bassett hound, Marley through the fence.  It seemed to go ok.  I didn’t want her to walk back up to the house and I don’t think Sassy wanted to walk back up because she just laid in the yard.  I went and got the car and drove her back up to the house.  She loves car rides.  The Fentanyl patches came off tonight at 6:30 pm.  Gave her the rest of her drugs, Rimadyl, an antibiotic and 1 Tramadol.    Her appetite was low today.  She didn’t eat her breakfast and had to hand feed her yogurt at night.

The bottom picture is a bumper pad from a baby crib measured to fit around Sassy and I have a friend who makes leashes braided with marine webbing in them.  She took the bumper pad for us and sewed webbing onto it and made handles which helped support & lift her up when she needed it for going up & down steps.   It was a life saver.  Easier to use than a towel or a sheet.

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