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The start of our journey


Well our journey starts around Sept 7th 2012 when Sassy had a surgery to remove warts from around her ear.  Approx 2 days later she started limping and I waited thinking it was just an injury from when she had surgery. So I scheduled an appointment when it did not get better Oct 10th 2012.    On the 10th we did x-rays.  They indicated possible Osteosscaroma.  I wanted a second opinion so went to another vet, got the same answer and told we needed to do a biopsy to determine.

Two weeks later Oct 24ths we scheduled a biopsy.  A week later approx we got the results not conclusive.  So we opted for another biopsy.  November 5th 2012 the 2nd biopsy was done.  That one came back not able to tell but that she had Osteoporosis.  Still decided to amputate.  So on November the 14th 2012 Sassy started her journey as a tripawd.



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